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Few Lesson I have learned over the years!

Few Lesson I have learned over the years!

1- Your mindset is really important! 
Allow yourself to be a beginner. Give it time - lots of time. There are so many things I could say about this, but I’m still in the beginner learning process stage.

2- Change is Always possible – At any Moment.
It’s never “too late” to change. We love to make excuses about why we can’t, but the truth is you can and you have the power to do it, but you have to choose between comfort and change.
Also, important to keep in mind that no one is ever going to change for you. We have to take personal responsibility for our own lives and how it ends up is up to us.

3- Stop Comparing yourself to others.
Give Yourself Some Credit Because You’re Doing Great.
If you took the strengths of others, and compared them to your weaknesses, how do you think you’d size up? And do you think this would make you feel good? The funny thing is, this is what most of us do at one time or another — and some of us do pretty often.
"Comparison is the Death of Joy" - Mark Twain
“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.” – Marquis de Condorcet

4- Who are you to change other.
Accept people as they are. You can't change someone who doesn't see an issue in their actions.
Everyone love their style, Voice tone & Way of walking…
We cannot change others. We are not responsible for what comes out of their mouth, the daily choices they make or their reactions.
Trying to change others is an awful thing to do. We live with an ideal of how another person must behave and whenever he doesn’t do what we expect, we’re disappointed. We don’t let him be who he is and try hard to change him. But when we do, he becomes another person and is different from the one we loved/became friends with/ had something in common with. And we’re still not satisfied.

5- Set boundaries for yourself and keep them.
Boundaries are your responsibility. You decide what is and isn't allowed in your life. Your boundaries are your values. Boundaries are representative of how much or little you respect yourself. Boundaries are your friend.
Who are you? What do you value? Figure out what, exactly, you're comfortable with and what you aren't.
"A Lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect"

6- Having an attitude of gratitude is a total game changer.
An attitude of gratitude means making it a habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life, on a regular basis, for both the big and small things alike. The more you are in a State of Gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful.

7- Rejection is a part of life. Embrace it.
Rejection is not the end... just a step on the path.
In daily life, everyone workout perfectly just as we hope we would, right? But success does not come with a few or more than few stumbles and stepping stones along the way. But again….
We have crucial question: "What next?" Will try out again into something new? Could now be the time for new beginning.

8- You can say a lot without speaking
Do you believe that we can only communicate by using words? 
Your Facial Expressions, Body Language, Voice Pitch & Tone, Personal Space and Your Reaction say more than words. Think twice before your act or react...

9- Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.
Forgiveness can bring you a renewed peaceful spirit and allows you to move in the direction of your goals and it should be unconditional.
"Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”
If we’re not accustomed to forgiving ourselves, it’s difficult to forgive others.

10- Believe in yourself
If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.
We believe that it is possible for human beings to improve. We believe that it is possible to raise the bar in your own life even if the world around you accepts average. We believe in ourselves and in each other. We believe that if you want better health or more happiness or a more meaningful job that you can make those things happen.
And because of this belief we are willing to test, experiment, and try new things even when we feel uncertain. If you don't believe that it's possible to make new things work, then it's hard to make any progress. I don't care how good the ideas are, nothing will work for you if you don't believe in it. And more importantly, nothing will work if you don't believe in yourself.

11- Some people are toxic. Stay away from them
Recent research from Friedrich Schiller University in Germany shows just how serious toxic people are. They found that exposure to stimuli that cause strong negative emotions—the same kind of exposure you get when dealing with toxic people—caused subjects’ brains to have a massive stress response. Whether it's negativity, cruelty, the victim syndrome, or just plain craziness, toxic people drive your brain into a stressed-out state that should be avoided at all costs.

12- Nothing Happens Until Something Moves." Albert Einstein
Nothing changes until we change the way we think about a thing.
While Einstein’s observation is an indisputable scientific fact, there is no doubt in my mind that it applies to all other aspects of life as well. Ideas can be precious commodities that can change the world; sound preparation is invaluable; and knowledge and wisdom are essential when it comes to giving one an edge in the pursuit of great achievements
But ideas, preparation, knowledge, and wisdom are all but useless without action, because action is the starting point of all progress. In other words, an idea, of and by itself, has no intrinsic value. It must be accompanied by action. It is action that cuts the umbilical cord and brings an idea out of the womb.

13- Practice doesn’t make perfect
Practice doesn’t make perfect but it can make you much better than you are.
How many times have you heard that “practice makes perfect? A new meta-analysis of dozens of previous studies shows that it is not always true. In the 1990s K. Anders Ericsson reported data that seemed to confirm this view: What separates the expert from the amateur, a first-rate musician or chess player from a wannabe, isn’t talent; it’s thousands of hours of work.

14- Learn how to give yourself a break.
Give Break to yourself Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and  form Technology. Allow yourself a little extra sleep at home and at work take breaks to walk around and stretch.
Take some time to meditate on daily basis. Take a day off from negative, draining people. Make a note of all the things you’ve done well, and give yourself permission to be proud instead of dissatisfied with what you haven’t done. Make a conscious decision to spend the first portion of your morning tech-free. Take a completely tech-free hour Decide for a day that nothing is urgent.

15- Never stop learning.
Continues learning gives happiness. Give a boost to your Confidence level. Several studies have shown that the more ambitious goals that we set, the happier we are. Learning is tough and can be frustrating but learning and applying new skills is the ultimate self-improvement. 
The University of California at Irvine found that learning keeps your brain functioning at a higher level – so learning makes learning easier (too meta?). When you’re accustomed to learning new things you’re also becoming more adaptable to change, meaning you can easily take any changes in the organization or your function in your stride.

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